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DC Painting & Pressure Washing is my life! I have been in the painting industry for well over 20 years.My father was a painter and taught me how to paint by the age of 14. Some would say I was "born win a brush" Need Interior or Exterior Painting done? Why Wait? Painting near me is only a call away! Painting company near me? That's me! DC Painting & Pressure Washing is a registered business & insured. 'll save you thousands of dollars! Easy choice. (304-449-4654) Proudly Serving Huntingtion-Charleston

Painting Wall

Our Quality Guarantee

Premium Paint, Expert Painter

As much fun as it is to paint a space... it's not something you want to do every year, If ever.  I only use premium products for beautiful, long-lasting results that will have you satisfied. 

You're the Boss. 

Your firm, free quote can be adjusted to your specifications. Add or remove areas to be painted or even upgrade paint products.

Respecting Your Home

 As a Professional Painting Contractor, I'll arrive on time. I guarantee I will leave your home better than I found it by using drop cloths and plastic sheeting to protect floors. 

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